Easter Crafts

Jelly Bean Bracelets

jellybean_braceletWhat You Need:
Jelly Beans in assorted colors (Jelly Belly Jelly Beans or Brach’s Jelly Beans)
Muffin Pan
1 thick sewing needle
1 thin sewing needle
Embroidery thread or fishing line

Make It:

  • Use the muffin tin to sort the jelly beans by color families, not flavors. (For example, different colors of pinks Jelly Belly Jelly Beans can be mixed together.)
  • To make a bracelet, measure your wrist and add 1″ (for adults) or ½” for young children.
  • Measure and draw a line on a sheet of paper; this will be your bracelet template. Select the colors of jelly beans you want to use and arrange them over your bracelet template.
  • Use the thick needle to poke a hole through each jelly bean. Thread the thin needle with fishing line and use it to string the jelly beans.
  • Before you knot the line, test your bracelet for fit. Your jelly bean bangle should be large enough to slip over your hand but not so loose that it slides off. Add or subtract jelly beans as necessary. Don’t forget to adjust the template before beginning your next bracelet.