Quick Tips / Spring

A Party with Home Court Advantage

Here’s what it takes to get named MVP of your next Big Game Party.

Team Work
You don’t have to do it all. Nominate party co-captains to whip up simple recipes. Grab everything else, from sandwiches to sodas, at BJ’s.

Plan for Success
Make a list so you get everything in one trip. Use BJ’s Small Party Big Deal Shopping List or huddle up with your party co-captains and create your own.

Get Enough Coverage
Whether you need a buffet table or extra seating, you can’t go wrong with folding chairs and tables, available in-Club and online.

Go Wide
Chips aren’t the only things you can dip. Pick up some fresh fruit and veggie platters with yummy vanilla or ranch dip. Or, try hummus and pita. Delish!

Make a Safety Call
A cooler filled with ice and a few wire chafing racks will ensure your party food stays at safe temperatures. Pick them up in-Club.

Think Big
Catch the year’s best plays — and the most over-the-top commercials — on a new high-def TV. Find unbelievable deals with FREE shipping!

Show Your Spirit
Support your team. You’ll find team flags in-Club, or pick up some paper and printer supplies and create your own.

Share the Fun
With BJ’s low prices, you can invite everyone on your list. Or, invite that new neighbor and make new friends.